Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Great Outdoors - Part II

I traveled to Jackson Hole, WY to spend five days with great guys in a stunning setting. As you can see, the Grand Tetons were our constant companions during these days of conversation, beer, cigars, and prayer.

Dr. Kevin Fleming is a triple-domer and Folk Choir alum - which is how we met originally. I had the honor of preaching at Kevin's and his wife, Frannie's, wedding. Kevin is the father of three, a clinical psychologist, author, musician, and an executive coach.

Scott McDermott is a graduate of Cornell, an author, and is currently at St. Louis University working on his MA and PhD in American History.

Michael McGlinn played as an offensive lineman under Lou Holtz. He's the father of three and is a talented musician. You can learn about his work here.

Michael Novak was also in the Folk Choir and is finishing his dissertation for a PhD in systematic theology from Marquette University. Like Fleming and McGlinn, Novak is serious about his music. Novak writes much more and has better photos here.


It was certainly a blessed time for retreat!


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Gosh, I can't wait for the life of a priest in studies ;) Glad you had fun - looking forward to being in on your next trip!!

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

For the record, this was the closest I came to a retreat in about two years! I'm sure it wasn't as holy as your time at Snowmass, but the company sure was nicer! ha!

Scott McDermott said...

great pictures Wurtzie --
thanks for posting & allowing me to relive.
But speaking as the non-ND person on the retreat, what the heck is a "triple-domer"??