Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Good Steps...

I feel the need to add a note about these postings. 90% of them are about vacation or parties. This is not indicative of my life!! These are strange days of transition and compacted vacation, after going through a good but busy academic year and before heading into what will be a strenuous 7 weeks of intensive Italian studies. So, there. (My guilt is assuaged for at least a few moments).

Though, it seems I am following in good footsteps. Spending time in the deep woods with friends seems to be a key ingredient to a holy and good and sane life! Although, I will never be too far from indoor plumbing and hot running water.


Anonymous said...

Notice his style of shaving.

Anonymous said...

I love the not-so-subtle "appeal to authority" (which is a logical fallacy, you know) implied in your photography choices here. I'd tell you to just enjoy your down-time without quibble if it weren't intrinsically Catholic for you to feel slightly squeemish about enjoying any of our blessings and luxuries. :-)