Saturday, June 28, 2008

Middlebury College, VT

After spending a week with my family at Gulf Shores, AL I returned to ND for one day so I could pack and ship some belongings to Rome. I then quickly sped off on I-80/90 heading to Vermont. After 13 hours of driving I arrived in the small but lovely town of Middlebury, VT.

From June 27 to August 15 I am studying Italian, night and day, at Middlebury College. This 7-week intensive program is supposedly the gem of language studies on this side of the Atlantic. Fr. Greg Haake, CSC studied French here one summer and will return next week to continue his French studies in the graduate level. It will be good to have him around, though as an Italian speaker I'm not allowed to use any language but Italiano, and he is allowed to use only French. So, our meetings may be relegated to a wave.

I'll give updates as the seven weeks continue. In the meantime, prayers please, as the classes are quite intense and demanding. Ciao.


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Buona Fortuna, Padre !!!

Anonymous said...

Gas? Sans gas?