Monday, May 12, 2008


The photo above in the header may be a bit misleading. I'm not writing from the Vatican or from the city of Rome......yet. But these are certainly days of preparation for a September 1st departure to the Eternal City.

The Congregation is giving me a tremendous opportunity to study in Rome for the Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy (SLL) and the Doctorate in Sacred Liturgy (SLD).

Here in May, I have my official Attestato letter from the school of Sant'Anselmo and a letter from my place of residence, Casa Santa Maria, that has been duly notarized by the Congregation for Education. These documents, along with my renewed passport and proof of medical insurance will go with me on a 6-hour round-trip jaunt to visit the Italian Consulate in Detroit for a Student Visa. Once I get the Visa all I will need to do is pack.......oh, and learn Italian!

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m. k. w. said...

Michael, congratulations!!!

Groovy blog. I just discovered it.

Blessings on these days. :)