Thursday, June 05, 2008

When Other Christians Become Catholic...

A good friend of mine recommended this latest book by Fr. Paul Turner and I echo the recommendation. Turner leads the reader through the historical, liturgical, and ecclessiological factors that have informed the reformed rites of initiation, specifically the Rite of Reception of Baptized Christians into the Full Communion of the Catholic Church, with clarity. Interesting points? 1) That in the U.S. there are most often more adult receptions than adult baptisms each year. 2) That historically only apostates, not heretics, were required to confess sin. 3) That the word "the" in the ritual's title is extremely telling and important to the Church's understanding of herself. 4) And, of course, that the close proximity candidates for reception have had with catechumens for baptism is unfortunate, to be avoided, and can be solved by not lumping everyone into the Easter vigil.

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m. k. w. said...

I'd like to meet Paul Turner someday.

Speaking of meeting members of my bookshelf, perhaps you and I will reunite someday at NAAL or Societas Liturgica. What do you think? :)

Hope your days are filled with blessings and peace.