Saturday, August 30, 2008

Therefore, I profess forever the vows of...

This weekend Rev. Dr. Charles McCoy, CSC, Rev. Mr. Aaron Michka, CSC, and Rev. Mr. Vincent Kuna, CSC professed final vows in the Congregation of Holy Cross and were ordained to the Order of Deacon by the Most Rev. John D'Arcy of South Bend/Fort Wayne. I have had the pleasure of knowing these men since they were candidates at Moreau Seminary. Five years later I had the pleasure of instructing them in the Liturgical Celebration II course.

I am proud to call them my brothers in Holy Cross and am grateful to God for the gift of their lives.

It should be noted that Vince is part of the ND Class of '99 that has produced a wonderful harvest of vocations to religious life and the priesthood, including yours truly.

It was a wonderful weekend and, personally, a great way to finish my time stateside and head off to the Eternal City, which I will do tomorrow, the 1st of September.

Congratulations to Charlie, Aaron, and Vince and praise be to God for the gift of your lives in service to the Gospel and Christ's holy Church.

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