Thursday, September 04, 2008

Due Giorni...

No photos to share yet, but thought I'd type a small update. I've spent two full days here in Rome so far and am still feeling the effects of Jet-lag or "fuso orario". I took a heavy 1 1/2 hour nap this morning to catch up.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was spent in an Italian class in the morning followed by 1PM pranzo (lunch). The afternoon was spent by a shopping trip with three other priest residents. They needed printers, floor rug, and power strips. I found a new favorite spot. This store has two levels of books along with a air conditioned cafe right inside. The third floor is filled with computer supplies, especially mac items. Each night we pray Vespers at 6:45 followed by supper.

Today I concelebrated Mass in the main chapel at 7:15 followed by breakfast. It's easy to see we are an American house. The table has peanut butter at breakfast and ice at lunch. Also, last night we had hamburgers for supper. I think that is a Wedneday night tradition here.

I then went to Italian class followed by a deep nap. I then proceeded to walk to Piazza Barberini to take the metro-subway to the last station, to the Northwest of Rome. Then I caught a bus to the Holy Cross Generlate where I was welcomed for pronzo and a tour of the grounds. It was good to see familiar CSC faces.

I'll try to post some photos by weekend's end. Thanks for all the prayers.

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