Friday, September 19, 2008

Guardian Angels for Italian Exams?

Had our weekly Italian test this morning. Not knowing that plural direct objects ( li and le) do not combine with "ho" as do "lo" and "la" (l'ho mangiato and l'ho mangiata) caused a lot of red ink to spill. But, now I know and as the old GI Joe cartoons use to say "Knowing is half the battle".

I was told somewhere along the way (high school or college) that we should name our Guardian Angels. Then, later along the way someone told me that that is damn presumptuous, "Doesn't the angel already have a name?" Nevertheless, I named mine Alexander. Saw a short but interesting piece today at Time.,8599,1842179,00.html?cnn=yes

After pronzo I and another priest walked to the local supermarket to buy laundry soap for black clothing so that our clerics won't be grey or green in only a few weeks. The laundry soap offered here is just fine but harsh on black articles of clothing. Other than that, my Friday will be filled with language studies and some reading. Buona fine settimana!

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