Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Photos, Photos...

Folks (throngs really) have been asking for photos so here are a few.

Window view from a nearby stairwell into the main garden.

Another window view of the garden.

View of the main courtyard with a pillared statue of Our Lady.

Another photo of the same courtyard.

A walk through the house garden.

A fountain with lilies.

Statue of Our Lady.

A closer look at La Vergine Immaculata.

A garden pathway.

Statue of St. Theresa Lisieux.

A stairwell leading to my floor.

My humble abode.

Another shot of the same room.


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

What lovely grounds! Are you allowed to have a cigar out there? ;) Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Now as for your room - you've always been much more monk-ish than me . . . but those blank walls frighten me. Are you allowed to put anything up on your walls? Even if you can't nail into them, I'll send posters if need be! I just don't want you going crazy while you're over there! ;) Have a cannoli for me!!

Anonymous said...

Ach. Space envy.