Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Visitor...

After a horrific experience at the Italian Questura, I was glad to see my friend Geno Fernandez for dinner on Friday night. Geno and I were both in the undergraduate seminary at Notre Dame, Old College, together. I was honored to preach at his marriage to Paula two summers ago at the Chicago cathedral. They are both doing quite well after moving to sunny L.A. this past August.

Geno was in town this week on business for financial and managerial consultation. We had a great dinner Friday night and then Geno joined the Casa community for Mass and pronzo today, Sunday. His Eminence Cardinal Martino, head of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice, presided at Mass for the Feast of Christ the King. Seeing the faces of good friends does me good and stirs me on to good studies and work.

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Geno said...

Father Michael -- you were a most gracious host to me at the Casa. You are a true witness to the spirit of hospitality in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Next time I'm in Rome, let's definitely get together and break bread again. Until then: remember the infinitive construction in Greek is readily identifiable by the presence of an initial epsilon before the thema. Your friend, Geno.