Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blessed Moreau Festivities...

News pertaining to upcoming festivities to honor the memory of Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC can be found on the ND website. His feast is celebrated on January 20th. Another nice website is here.


Johnny Domer said...

I wish I had known that Bishop D'Arcy had approved transferring Fr. Moreau's feast to today, since technically the Ecclesia Dei Commission gave permission for offering the Extraordinary Form Mass on a given canonized-after-1962-Saint's feast day by inserting the Latin proper prayers from the Ordinary Form (opening prayer, prayer over the gifts, etc.) into the appropriate places in the Extraordinary Form. So technically I think we here at ND could have offered Mass in the Extraordinary Form for his Feast this past Sunday. Unfortunately I don't know what the Latin prayers are, or where to find them; would you happen to have any idea where I could obtain them, Father?

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...


I sent you an email with the texts.