Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Sunday Visitors...

This past Sunday was quite special. Fr. Hugh Cleary, CSC, Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross and Bro. John Paige, CSC, the Vicar General, were present here at the Casa Santa Maria for Mass, social, and pronzo.Fr. Cleary presided and I was honored to be a principal concelebrant along with Msgr. Kelly. I was so grateful to hear a powerful and direct homily with depth. At our dinner table we were joined by two resident priests both of whom are alumni of Notre Dame. Also, Archbishop Philip Wilson, President of the Bishops Conference of Australia dined with us. It was wonderful to hear stories of the very successful World Youth Day held there last summer, which he as president was quite responsible for planning/coordinating.

I saw both Fr. Cleary and Bro. Paige the following night at a local restaurant as we and the entire Generalate community gathered to begin celebrations for Blessed Moreau.

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John P, csc said...

Love Hugh's hat! When his term ends we'll have to hang it in the Generalate chapel till it turns to dust. I hope your cold germs flee!