Friday, January 09, 2009

A Plug...

Fr. Bob Barron is a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, professor of theology at Mundelein Seminary, author, and modern evangelist. Several of us had the joy to live with him for one year at Moreau Seminary. I encourage you all who haven't to visit his website at Word on Fire. Fr. Barron offers weekly homilies and several youtube videos on various topics. Lately he has been working on a vast film project entitled Catholicism. He needs financial assistance to bring the project to completition - so if you are looking for a worthwhile place to send any spare change, this would be a good one.

George Weigel has written: "Catholicism’ could well become one of the most significant efforts ever to advance what Pope John Paul II called ‘The New Evangelization.’ Truth, goodness, beauty -- they’re all here, in a stimulating and compelling exploration of the spiritual, moral, and intellectual riches of the Catholic world. This is the Catholic story told from inside, with knowledge, sympathy, and passion, rooted in friendship with Jesus Christ."

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