Thursday, February 19, 2009

So here I am in the Treasury of Klosterneuburg. Here is housed various treasures of the Canons of St. Augustine and also treasures of the State of Austria and the Church. So, these richly decorated skulls are relics of saints. On the right we have..... I forget. On the left we have one of the martyred companions of St. Ursula. The stunning woodwork behind me houses various chasubles, copes, miters, crosiers that were gifts by various royalty over the centuries. Two monks carved the wood in three years time. A miracle in and of itself.


Anonymous said...

I can't quite discern the expression on your face in this picture . . . nlb

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

I was in between thoughts. I was going to make a fun/crass photo with my head on the edge of the table. But then I was reminded that these are holy relics. So, I switched to serious-face.

Also, it's a great shame in my life. All the money my parents poured into my mouth with orthodontic work and I can't do a decent smile. Whacha gonna do?

Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Michael, I love this picture! I'm imagining that it's a still from a Discovery/History Channel special you are narrating or commenting in! Which is to say those are indeed relics, and you look . . . professorial. :)