Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Reminder...

A reminder why Notre Dame is important to the American society and how its work is a direct result of its Catholic identity.

The voucher program in the District of Columbia is being threatened by legislation that is making its way through Congress. Notre Dame and the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) are working to ensure that the education of the poorest of minority children is not disrupted. Information can be found here.

The death of the voucher program would occur under the watch of President Obama whose children attend a private school themselves. Rationale based on security concerns can be put to rest since the children attended private school in Chicago before the presidency was won.

"Thanks" to all those fighting the good fight for the children of D.C.

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Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Interesting to think about how this might or might not have played into the decision to invite the President to Notre Dame.