Sunday, March 29, 2009

Valid point...

Ken Woodward has published his view in The Washington Post.

Weigel's piece in the Chicago Tribune is free of the usual polemics found in this debate and soberly presents essential questions and perspectives - this is about rights, fundamental rights for the most innocent of our society.

I keep going back to the thought that this whole storm is about something much larger than any one commencement address. It's about how Catholics fit in the modern U.S. political state as well as the cold stark reality of a society comprised of laws, rights, and duties but also a society that is haunted by the specter which is the abortive act. It's a dire contradiction of values.

Now that Catholics helped get Obama elected, where are they to assist his administration in choosing policies protecting the most innocent of life? Good question as posed in this -

Catholic News Agency article.

Also, a piece from the Wall Street Journal.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Father Jenkins has said that by having President Obama speak at Commencement, that the university can influence him.

yeah right - Obama will make his speech, smile for the cameras, and laugh on his way home about how he pulled the wool over those gulible Catholics' eyes