Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Golf...

I haven't played golf in well over a year and yet such a relevant fact didn't keep some dear former parishioners* from asking me to be a last-minute-substitute for the South Bend Country Club's junior golf-camp tournament. The father, Scott, had to coach his younger son's baseball tournament and so they called in another father, me. The mother, Lori, came along to snap photos and to often ask why it was that we were searching for our ball in the peripheral rough and mud.

The weather was picture perfect, the company was enjoyable, and the post-game food was tasty. Alas, we didn't come in first, but we certainly weren't last. I'm grateful for the invite and a chance to get away from studying French! As you can see in the second photo, my golf partner was eager to offer advice on how I could improve my game. I am grateful.

I will be out of town but for those who are in South Bend, might I suggest you take part in the 7th Annual Holy Cross School Golf Tournament, to be held this August 23 at the Warren Golf Course at ND. All proceeds benefit scholarships.

*Though it is easier to say "former parishioners" rather than "parishioners at the parish where I use to minister", they are quite insistent to remind me that it was I who left them and the parish, not the other way around. Point taken.

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