Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So It Begins... (Upadated)

This afternoon I will travel from ND to Chicago's O'Hare airport for what will be the first of several legs in a trip taking me back to Italy. Classes begin on October 13th, but I am returning now so as to take advantage of a two week language school near Milan.

It has been a very blessed Summer with the main thrust having been to study French so as to have a reading comprehension ability. An auxiliary goal was to reconnect with my religious confreres, my family and my friends. I am grateful to the priests and brothers of Corby Hall for welcoming me during these past three months.

Buon viaggio!

I have arrived safely back at my room in Rome, 4PM local time/10AM EST and am grateful that my luggage came along with me. I knew Our Lady of Sorrows would make that happen! I also was assigned a bulkhead seat which meant I had a tad bit more leg room and more importantly, no 4'9" person in front of me leaning their seat all the way back!

My arrival into the city and back to my room is drastically different than when I first arrived on Sept 1st last year. I feel as though I am at "home" surrounded by the tools of my study trade and eager to tackle the academic year. I am grateful for this small consolation.


Labs said...

Welcome back to Europe Fr. Wurtz! I hope to see you when I visit Rome in November!

Paul said...

I'm glad to see that you're back in Roma safe and sound. I hope that the upcoming academic year is filled with many blessings.