Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Unprecedented Days...

Who would ever think that the day would come when parents would be in an outrage over the President of the United States addressing their students about the importance of education? I readily admit that I am a rather dense person - but I do not see the "socialist agenda" in this text.


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

I don't think it was ever the text that people were reacting to - though I could be wrong. I imagine that people are reacting to the cult of personality that has surrounded this President; his massive swelling of the federal government; his request that dissenters from his health care plan be reported to the White House; his appointment of dozens of 'czars' who are not subject to Congressional approval; his past association with domestic terrorists etc. . . . . I think people start to FEEL that socialist, or fascist, dictatorships have started with less than this. Just a guess.

ND Polish said...

I agree with Fr. Stephen. I don't think the text itself is that problematic. (Although I felt like Obama was trying to be really cute with the kids.)

I think the problem that many people are feeling is the same thing that my parents grew up with in communist Poland--a personality cult around the great leader. If you saw the White House directives for how to discuss the speech with students, they focused on "What did Obama say?" "How can you follow his advice?" "What would you tell him?" etc.

In communist schools in Poland, children learned about Uncle Joseph, his wonderful childhood, how he overcame his struggles, how we faced many challenges, and were then asked to help him to contribute to his efforts and those of his successors to build a society of the proletariat.

The feeling I get in this speech is very similar.