Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Week that Was

While U.S. universities are already into mid-term season, the majority of Roman universities are set to begin soon. And so, without classes this week I found myself getting settled, wrapping up summer reads and working on some French and Italian.

On Thursday morning thirty Americans were ordained to the transitional diaconate by Bishop Carlson of St. Louis. In attendance was Ambassador Miguel Diaz and his wife. Diaz only recently took up his post as the chief diplomat for the United States to the Holy See. After the ordinations Diaz and his wife visited the Holy Cross generalate for lunch.
The social and lunch gave the religious a chance to personally offer words of congratulations and for the guests to reminisce their connection with Holy Cross; both studied theology at Notre Dame and fondly remember their days there. Seeing Diaz brought to me memories of my time at St. John's University, Collegeville during the 2006-07 academic year. Diaz taught in systematics while I studied liturgy. Diaz will be busy tomorrow hosting a U.S. delegation to the canonization Mass. The delegation, among others, will include a U.S. senator from Hawaii.

Tomorrow morning will be joy filled here in Rome as thousands of pilgrims gather in St. Peter's square to witness the canonization of Blessed Fr. Damien Molakai, Blessed Bro. Rafael Boron, OCSO, Blessed Archbishop Zygmut Filinski, Blessed Mother Marie Jugan, and Blessed Francisco Call Geutart.

Molakai was a Belgium priest who served tirelessly the leper colony in Hawaii. The Belgium king and queen are expected to be in attendance along with thousands of pilgrims who have traveled worldwide to be here.


jhp, csc said...

I've been told that St. Damien de Veuster has what is described as rock star status in Belgium. Though he did his most well-known ministry among the lepers on Molokai in Hawaii and Zenit calls him the first Hawaiian saint, his canonization is apparently having a huge impact back in his home country. I think that's wonderful. Did you attend the canonization Mass?

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

I wasn't aware of his grand status in Belgium. That is wonderful.

No, I did not attend the canonization Mass. I'm saving my canonization Karma for Blsd. Bro. Andre and Blsd, Fr. Moreau!

I was glad to see that news of his canonization made it onto NBC Nightly News.