Friday, January 15, 2010

CSC Death In Haiti

Fr. Bernard ANTOINE, headmaster of our high school Collège Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours in Cap-Haïtien (northern HAÏTI) informs [us] that the dead body of our temporary professed, Emmanuel Jacques GUILLAUME, has been found under the debris at/of university Quisqueya where he was passing an exam. Under the vow of obedience, he was chosen by his former director of formation Fr. Bernard himself to go and receive a solid formation in Math in order to be, later on, in charge of Math classes at the high school.

Guillaume was very dedicated and very faithful to religious life in Holy Cross. He did his novitiate at the time of turmoil in 2004 when a group of rebels armed with heavy weapons invaded the novitiate property/site for a while. He had a good spirit of service to others and you should see how busy he was at the last ordination in Holy Cross which took place in Fort-Liberté (northeastern) last December 26.

May his soul repose in peace. REQUIESCAT IN PACE.

News have also been received that our provincial house (or what is left from it) and its yard are now filled with people seeking aid/help. Fr. Yvon JOSEPH, the oldest member of our province, has sent an SOS to Fr. Bernard ANTOINE saying that they are out of water and food. Fr. Bernard hurried to send a pick-up filled with water, food and other things which is on its way to Port-au-Prince. Only God knows if everything will arrive at its destination because many people who are starving try to deprive any car found in the streets loaded with food.


Photos of the Basil Moreau School in Haiti forwarded to me by Fr. Haake, CSC:


BK said...

Fr. Mike, can you provide a photo of the deceased?

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

Dear Mr. Kloska,

I'm sorry, but I do not have a photo of Emmanuel.

Anonymous said...

We'll pray for you and your order.