Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CSCs in Haiti...

Please remember in prayer and in material aid the people of Haiti who have suffered immeasurably. The Congregation of Holy Cross is present in Haiti in the presence of the Province of Notre-Dame du Perpetuel Secours.

Here is news as of 3:00 PM (EST):

The latest from the HCFs in Port-au-Prrince is that the provincial house in Turgeau , the high school and residence at the parish in the Bizoton slum have been damaged. How severely is not yet known. The Bizoton slum itself has suffered many casualties, so our confreres there will have their hands full for some time. Elsewhere, the presidential palace, the cathedral, the state university, the Montana Hotel, the Canado-Haitien School are in ruins. Thousands are dead and buried. - Fr. Cormier, CSC.

I’m still dazed from the catastrophe of this earthquake that has devastated Port-au-Prince. I just woke up from a long night outdoors, sleeping alongside my scholasticate confreres, happily spared by this tragedy. Some of us had time to visit our confreres in Turgeau right after the huge jolt. They were found to be out of danger, all of them in a terrible state of shock. Only the provincial was not there, having gone to a meeting, but we are certain that he is alright, protected by Providence.
The provincial house is partially damaged. Our sisters in Turgeau were not affected. The brothers of Basile Moreau are safe and sound, except that the high school building collapsed, burying some students watching a soccer game. At the scholasticate, we’ve been hurt only by the loss of an exterior wall separating us from the main street. We are all here, except for Guillaume who had gone to class in Quisqueya and is probably still on the street trying to come back through the ruins and the bodies.
- Rosemond Marcelin, CSC - scholastic.

Dear Fellow Religious and Friends of Holy Cross,
We are all terribly shocked by the tragic devastation that has taken place in Haiti through this powerful earthquake that has killed so many people and destroyed so much of Port-au-Prince. This poor country and her long-suffering citizens have endured more catastrophes than anyone cares to enumerate.
At some point soon, after making contact with our community in Haiti, we will do what we can to organize relief services through the Congregation.
In the meantime we offer our heartfelt prayers to God on behalf of the Haitian people. Our prayer is our greatest assistance; our prayer will motivate us to help the victims of the earthquake as best we are able.
Let us pray that the people of Haiti not lose hope; may they know the comfort of our solidarity with them and the peace of God deep within to give them the strength and courage to go on. May Our Lady of Perpetual Help, patroness of Haiti, be their refugee.
May God keep all our sisters, brothers and priests in Haiti safe from danger as they minister to all who are suffering so painfully.
May Blessed Moreau and Blessed Brother Andre and Blessed Marie Leonie be with them. - Rev. Hugh Cleary, CSC - Superior General, Congregation of Holy Cross.

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