Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sacred Architecture...

I am not a trained architect, but I am interested in sacred architecture and I am able to make the statement "that doesn't look like a church". According to Denis McNamara, that statement is legitimate precisely because there does exist distinctly Christian architecture, forms, and order which find their roots in the created order established by God and spelled out in both the Hebrew and New Testament scriptures.

Unable to finish the last fourth of the book before my flight back to the Eternal City, I lent it to an actual architect and former parishioner in South Bend. I would recommend this book for any reading populace no matter what theological training has been attained in the past. McNamara gives a clear explanation for the history, trends, and principles of sacred architecture and does so in a beautiful presentation rich with images, diagrams, photos, etc.

Despite utilizing end-notes at least he does so at the end of each chapter instead of at the end of the entire book!

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