Friday, February 26, 2010

Belgium Part Four...

While my priest traveling companions went to the city of Gent, I spent the following day at the American College resting, drinking coffee, reading Congar and running a couple of errands.

But by Saturday the three of us were reunited to tackle the city of Antwerp. This post is a short one. I would say Antwerp was my least favorite city of the four I toured. It had a large impersonal taste to it. But like elsewhere, the architecture was magnificent.

Here are three photos of the main square, the towering spire of the cathedral and an interior shot of the same church. Notice the statue of Our Lady on the center facade of the town hall. The bronze statue in the middle of the square depicts a person throwing a severed hand. The legend of the city's founding is that a giant was molesting the population and so his hand was cut off and thrown and tadah, Antwerp was born. At least that is what I remember about the legend.

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