Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mass With Marini...

Msgr. Guido Marini is in his third year serving the Holy See as Master of Apostolic Ceremonies. Recently he was a guest at the Bernardi Rome Campus of the University of St. Thomas. I was invited for a beautiful evening of Eucharistic adoration, vespers, a Mass celebrated by Msgr. Marini, a discussion, dinner and compline. My host was Mr. Karlo Leonor, a Notre Dame student who will enter the Old College seminary this fall and who was a resident of the Bernardi Campus this semester.
The Mass was celebrated in the Ordinary Form in Latin. I attended "in choir" and it was such a beautiful and prayerful liturgy. The prayer life and daily horarium of the students is most impressive. Aside from the Mass, a highlight was to listen to Msgr. Marini answer questions pertaining to liturgy, his vocation story, the role of music in the liturgy, and details about what it is like to be in such personal contact with the Holy Father.

After compline Karlo and I spoke with monsignor about the upcoming canonization of Blessed Bro. Andre Bessette, CSC and to thank him for his important service to the Church.

Here is a recent interview of Msgr. Marini by RomeReports:


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