Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Pima County Deputy Sheriff Kastiger stated today that, "We don't know the why, but we know the what."

That's precisely it. At a conference I recently attended the keynoter boasted that a new telescope - exceedingly more powerful than the Hubble Telescope - is being planned and constructed. And indeed that is certainly a reason to boast.

But scientific revelation does not supplant divine revelation.

The human heart, even when aware of the "what", still hungers for the answer(s) to "why" but it will not be found within ourselves.

As the Holy Father has recently repeated, science can inform us of phenomenon and facts but it cannot inform us of meaning. A modern nation state can have a secular debate but it cannot from within itself derive purposeful meaning. In that realm the polis is infertile. The Church, as steward of and servant to Divine revelation, has an important voice from which ultimate meaning is derived.

An increasingly secular world which spends less and less time pondering the Divine will find itself further lost, grasping with empty hands, when trying to answer "why".

May God grant eternal light to the murdered and may comfort be granted to the other victims and those who mourn.

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