Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forse si, forse no...

This morning, maybe I did and maybe I didn't drive East to Hanover, NH, home to Dartmouth College, to see a friend and former Latin tutor and SJU classmate, Nathan Costa. Nathan was at the college for a Classics Conference and I needed a reason to get out of dodge (Middlebury) and take in the sights this part of the nation offers.

I drove through the mountains of Vermont and the views were amazing. I had no idea Vermont was this geographically rich and rural. I would have taken photos, but my camera died :-(

Nathan and I had some pints at Murphys on the Green and looked around Dartmouth's campus which was quite busy since Sophomores are required to take classes during the Summer term. The town itself, #2 in CNN/Money Magazine list of best places to live (2007), was fun to take in.

Now back to studying l'italiano.

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Anonymous said...

Is the camera dead dead? I certainly don't want you to be stuck cameraless as you adventure: your illustrations are too good/important!