Monday, July 14, 2008

The View...

Middlebury College is quite beautiful and is situated with a spectacular view of the Green Mountains. Perhaps it is common sense, but I discovered that that is the source for the name Vermont. "Verde Montagne" (Green Mountains), thus "Ver-Mont". I've found the time immediately after supper to be an ideal time for a cigar in my left hand (sinestra) and a rosary in my right hand while taking in the sunset. Such small beautiful things keep me sane during these intense days of learning.

The local pastor has been quite welcoming. I concelebrate daily with him, though beginning with today I will preside at the 7AM Mass on Mondays. It's the pastor's day-off. The church is just a stone's throw away, and here it is as seen from my dorm door.

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m. k. w. said...

Cigar in left, rosary in right. I don't suppose this arrangement of beautiful things has any cosmic significance.