Monday, August 04, 2008

Forse Si, Forse No, Parte Secondo...

This Sunday I maybe did or maybe didn't travel to Manchester, NH to visit Fr. John Fortin, OSB, a monk of the Monastery of St. Anselm and a professor of philosophy at St. Anselm College where this year's first U.S. presidential primary debates were held. Fr. Fortin lived at Corby Hall this past year while he was on sabbatical.

It was a beautiful day with slight showers in the afternoon. The 8:30 AM Abbey Mass was very prayerful. Afterwards, John gave me a great tour of the area, which included an exterior view of a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I know very little about architecture, but I appreciated the historical import of the place.

After Solemn Vespers I joined the monastic community for social and dinner.

Before leaving I did spend some time in front of the large statue of St. Anselm and asked for his intercession as I soon depart to study at the school in Rome that bears his name.


Brian Flaherty said...

I just had dinner tonight with Father John and he mentioned he met up with you. Small world.

Brian Flaherty
CSC Candidiate 2001-2002

Anonymous said...

It was great to have Michael visit us (or not), and to be able to return some of the wonderful hospitality I enjoyed while at Notre Dame on sabbatical. He met some of the monks who have studied in Rome and know the thoes of learning the language. We here wish him every success in his studies and look forward to a return (or a first time) visit.

John Fortin, OSB