Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Full Week...

I thought this photo might catch your attention. Fragola e straciatella gelato. This has been a very good week in various respects. Monday I successfully registered for classes, made sure the school would accept my MA in full, and passed the Italian Exam. I spent the rest of the week working on Italian and having a few one-on-one tutoring sessions, mostly conversation to help my ear hear better.

On Thursday I traveled to the Holy Cross Generalate where I joined the community for lunch. The General Council was in their last day of meetings. It was a fun meal with evident brotherhood. I felt at home easily as I do at all CSC houses. It is part of the gift or charism of this religious life.

I left from there on the metro and headed straight for St. Peter's Basilica for the Diaconate Ordination of 25 men from the North American College. Easily over 125 priests concelebrated this Mass which was held at the Altar of the Chair in the rear of the basilica. In the sacristy I got to see Fr. Steve Titus, Notre Dame class of '99. And with the way the procession occured I ended up very near the altar with the Rector of the NAC in front of me and next to him Archbishop Raymond Burke. I was nervous, wondering if I've paid all my speeding tickets, turned off the lights when I left a room, or any other rules I may have broken!

Two men of my home Diocese of Little Rock were ordained and I was able to meet Bishop Anthony Taylor who was recently ordained bishop of Little Rock. I offered him words of congratulations and promise of my prayers for him.

The music was glorious and, no exaggeration, the hair on my neck was standing up as we processed out with the majestic music, the basilica lit up, and the baldichino of the Altar of St. Peter lifting our eyes upwards toward heaven. It was amazing.

Afterwards, I joined a few Casa priests for dinner. I don't like posting photos of food. There is something unseemly about this practice. But, family and friends have asked for more "food and gelato" photos, so here are a few.


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

"I don't like posting photos of food. There is something unseemly about this practice."
- Really?
Glad you had a great week. Good luck as classes start. When you next see Fr. Titus be sure to pass along my good wishes.

Nate said...

Wurtz, those of us who are paying your room and board want to drool over what kind of Italian deliciousness we're missing! :)

I like how you made these photos apropos of NOTHING! Come on, don't we at least get an insight into what your favorite gelato flavor is?

Karlo M. Leonor said...

This definitely beats the frozen yogurt from South Dining Hall...

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

Koeth, not when you post food, of course. Perhaps I'm insecure about my presence here in Rome and the great opportunities available to me (foods and otherwise). Or maybe I'm unhappy with certain blogs that seem to boast about fine foods and servants working. Dunno.

Nate, you of all people should know better. My favorite gelati is that shown, chocolate chip and strawberry mixed together in a cup, never a cone.

Karlo, I agree with you, though Yo-Cream has its own charm.