Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cause for Fr. Dujariè

Good news regarding the cause of Fr. Dujariè, CSC.

Dear religious of Holy Cross and friends, On October 13, 2008, having obtained the joint approval of the superiors general of the Congregation of Holy Cross and of the Sisters of the Providence of Ruillé-sur-Loir, and that of their general councils, a mandate was given to Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, to act as postulator in the cause of beatification and canonization of Fr. Jacques Dujariè, priest of the Diocese of Le Mans, France, and Founder of the Sisters of providence of Ruillé and of the Association of the Brothers of Saint-Joseph of Ruillé integrated later into the Congregation of Holy Cross. In consequence, Dr. Ambrosi is to make all the necessary and proper arrangements for the opening of this cause starting with the diocesan inquiry whtich will study the heroic life and virtues of Fr. Dujarié. Fr. Mario Lachapelle has been appointed by Dr. Ambrosi vice-postulator of this cause for the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Mario Lachapelle, CSC
Vice Postulator
Congregation of Holy Cross


GSCcsc said...

I know that the e-mail from Mario contained the name Dujarier, but it is a typo. I have always seen it spelled Dujarié.

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

Which is why I couldn't find any images of him online. Thanks! I'll study French this coming summer and maybe get over those mistakes, hopefully.


Johnny G said...

Geez louise you guys got Blesseds coming out the woodworks!