Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CSC Visitors...

This past week the Congregation of Holy Cross held its annual Council of the Congregation meetings here in Rome. Living and studying in Rome, while a blessed time, is also quite isolating and so, seeing some of my brothers gave me a good shot in the arm. Last Sunday I met up with Fr. Peter Rocca, CSC who is the liturgist for my province. We met up at the Piazza Barberini metro and enjoyed dinner at Abruzzi, near my residence.

Just this past Saturday I was invited to join the Council for Mass and a closing banquet. It was my first time to meet many of the provincials and vice-provincials, vicars, and district superiors of the Congregation including those from India, Bangledesh, France, and Africa. Afterwards I was able to meet privately with my provincial, Fr. Tyson, to discuss my Roman life thus far and plans for the coming Summer.

The next day, Sunday, Fr. Ed Obermiller, vocation director for the province, joined me at my residence for social and pronzo. I was glad to show-off a fellow CSC to the other residents and for Fr. Ed to get a sense of things here.

My mac hard-drive has been failing so thankfully Fr. Ed delivered a new internal drive along with a book I had wanted, recently published by Ave Maria Press. I've read the first chapter of The Seven Sorrows of Mary and again recommend the book for your own reflection and devotion of Our Lady.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Ed mentioned that you asked him to bring lots of good ol' American toothpaste, too. I guess there are some things we just can't go without when abroad.

That habit sure is getting worn a lot! Are you often asked about it (to which order it belongs)?


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Must be nice to travel "on Province business" ;)

GSCcsc said...

My goodness, they really don't want you parking there.

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

Yeah, and I can't park the province car I shipped over here by boat in front of the door. See, that's what I get for not listening to the 11 o'clock lunch crew.

Fr. Michael Wurtz, CSC said...

Karlo, salve! That's about all I can write in Latin thus far.

The priests here at the house know my congregation obviously but when I walk out and about no one tends to ask. I think because in Rome there are is such a plethora of religious communities and habits.

Hope you are doing well in classes and beyond.