Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthdays

Two wonderful women in my life are celebrating birthdays. My sister Kerri celebrated her [censored] birthday this past Sunday. She is a loving wife, mother of three, and, she assures me, a gentle dental hygienist.

As a priest and a dental hygienist we both share in the capacity to create tremendous guilt trips (Do you floss daily? Uh, do you???) She is such a great mother and her husband and three kids are blessed.

And today, my grandmother celebrates her 86th birthday. Her health has deteriorated to the point that she's unable to recognize her visitors, but I believe she knows of our deep love for her. I celebrated Mass this afternoon for her health and spiritual life and my grandfather assured me he would give her a kiss for me. My grandfather visits twice daily and is himself a daily reminder to us of Christian love and the depth to which marriage calls so many.

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Anonymous said...

Wurtz, I'm glad to have finally found your blog. Nate gave me the address. I must say, it's sharp! Well done!

I will pray for your sister and grandmother, that the coming year brings them peace.

Be well, brother.