Friday, December 19, 2008

Free, free, free....

Yes, classes ended with Latin/Greek this morning followed by a tour of the Biblioteca Angelica, the oldest Roman public library, begun in the 16th century. I then grabbed a burger and a pint at Trinity College pub with an Australian classmate - a good way to celebrate. The semester actually ends with exams in February but right now, those seem a long while away.

Yesterday and today I finished some last minute errands to purchase two small gifts for my parents who are hosting me for the next couple of weeks. I snapped a couple of photos today on my way to the Basilica of St. Clement. I walked the route my bus takes daily to classes - right past the Colosseum.

Notice the photo of the various meats and cheeses for sale. I love how the legs/shanks are prominently displayed, ready for the knife to shave off slices for the customers. The whole setup doesn't hide behind plastic, glass, restrictive legislation, health-codes or a sort of fear of the rustic. How can you look at that and be vegetarian? I mean, really, c'mon.

Please say a prayer for safe travel.


Mary Liz said...

Hurray for being free!

Will you be back at Notre Dame at all in the next couple weeks??

Anonymous said...

Ahh... so you're in the States for the holidays! I was trying to see if I might eyeball you once again distributing communion at St. Peter's, this time on NBC's showing of Christmas Eve Mass at the Basilica. If you had lost the "battle of the cape," I knew that would be harder, and the lack of any visible one among the priests had me wondering.

And – gotta say – you hit the nail on the head with your description of the meat shop photograph. Yum! Makes me wish we were grilling bison burgers again!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Father! I had this terrible image of you stuck at the airport while I was watching all of the coverage on television. I hope you made it home safely.