Wednesday, December 17, 2008


After a morning of more-rigorous-than-usual classes I returned to the Casa where I greeted Fr. Russ McDougall, CSC for pranzo. Fr. Russ is a doctoral student at the Biblicum and I was glad to finally get to welcome him for pranzo.
This afternoon I did laundry as a preparation for travels on Saturday. I then took a walk to my barber. The walk takes me past Piazza Navona which is all lit up with booths selling various Christmas gift items and games that you would typically see in a carnival. In the center is also a large merry-go-round.

I find my time at the barber to be one of the more normal aspects of living in Rome. Antonio is quite good at what he does and charges no more than what one would pay in the states. It is familiar and normal. As I waited for at least an hour (Antonio is a popular barber among priests/seminarians) I improved my memorization of various pronouns (huic huic huic, his, his, his, hos, has, haec, his, his, his, ego, mei, mihi, me, me, tu, tui, tibi, te, te, etc).

Just down the street is The Abbey Pub, where tonight I met up with three good priest friends from the Casa for burgers, fries, and pints. I also got to catch a bit of the Duke/Stanford women's basketball and the Marquette/Tenn men's game. It was our final meal as we prepare our departures for the Christmas break.


Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

Michael - Safe travels and Buon Natale! Give me a ring while you're back in the good ole US of A!

Johnny Domer said...

Ah yes...pronouns...takes me back to my first glorious! Let me know if you ever need help with homework! (Seriously, feel free to shoot me an email.)

By the way, I know this is kinda heretical to say...but I'm thinking that the barber in LaFortune really isn't that great. I mean, he can only do one haircut (the very short ND Guy Haircut); he's given me two butcherings in the three times I've gone to him, and I'm sick of it. Did you go to him? If not, could you recommend other places?