Monday, July 20, 2009

Arkansas Ordinations...

Congratulations to Father James Melnick and Father Eddie D'Almeida of the Diocese of Little Rock who were ordained priests of God on July 11th. Frs. Jim and Eddie were both students at the North American College in Rome, a city to which Fr. Jim will return to complete his licentiate studies. A full article on their ordination can be found at the Arkansas Catholic Newspaper.

I first met these two four years ago when they were seminarians in Rome and I traveled there with my parents. They hosted us for Sunday brunch. At the end of the trip, my father had leftover Euros and instead of buying me a nice scotch in the duty-free shop of the airport, decided to give the Euros to the two Arkansas seminarians. As you can see, I haven't forgotten that! But I suppose it's ony right considering these two may minister directly to my parents someday.

And so, praised be God for the gift of these two new priests. May their lives and the Diocese of Little Rock be blessed.

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