Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hollywood, Rome Style...

My daily trip to Sant'Anselmo takes me past the churches of Santa Sabina and Sant'Alessio. Yesterday, Santa Sabina's parking lot was cleared of its usual cars and motorini and replaced with a movie set full of actors and a few cars from what looks like the 1930s.

This second photo shows a group of actors warming themselves between shots. I wonder if the young lady changed out of her blue and white sneakers before the cameras rolled! For those of you wondering, I was not "discovered" so my entrance into the movie industry will have to wait a bit more.

The gentleman to the right was using his cell phone so I suspect that was tucked away in his coat during scenes. The Aventine hill is mostly residential combined with some churches and walled-up embassies. So it lacks business signs, neon lights, etc. In that sense it makes for an ideal spot for filming historical pieces.

On another note, it is exam time for Roman pontifical schools. Just as the Fall semester begins in mid-October, so too are the Fall semester exams held later from now until mid-February. Your prayers for my classmates and me would be appreciated.

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