Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Digital "Agorà"...

Today the Holy Father gave an address marking the occasion of the 44th World Communications Day. In it he encouraged Christians and specifically priests to "go forth and blog" as FOX News put it. An excerpt:

Using new communication technologies, priests can introduce people to the life of the Church and help our contemporaries to discover the face of Christ. Yet priests present in the world of digital communications should be less notable for their media savvy than for their priestly heart, their closeness to Christ. This will not only enliven their pastoral outreach, but also will give a “soul” to the fabric of communications that makes up the “Web”.

The Holy Father refers to the Web as a modern-day "agorà" or public space / market space where the Good News of Christ is to be proclaimed and Christ is to be made known and encountered. Much as Athens was for Paul and Rome was for Peter and Ireland was for Patrick, the Web is mission territory for believers. The Holy Father recognizes this. May we too!

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Nate said...

Catholic techno-nerds rejoice!! Way to stay ahead of the curve, Wurtz! Keep on bloggin!