Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belgium Part Five and Final...

And so Sunday morning arrived and Mass was celebrated, breakfast consumed, bags packed as we made our journey back to Rome where Italian disorganization and loudness awaited us.

With bags in tow we traveled by train to the capital city of Brussels. With only about four hours before our train to the airport we visited only a few spots. The central train station was fortunately actually located in the center of town not far from the main square. We found it odd that that tourist information office is closed until April. In any event, we made due walking around on our own.

We did discover the famous Manneken-Pis. A large throng of tourists had gathered to take photos. After about 30 seconds of that we treated ourselves to Belgium waffles! Several varieties were available and we chose the plain waffle drenched in Belgium chocolate. I heartily approve.

After stopping for lunch and one last round of Belgium beers we made our way to the cathedral. Mass was in progress and so touring was not possible, but we were just glad Mass was being celebrated and people were in attendance! The organ was quite impressive and looked fairly new. I found the placement in the naive to be unique and I still wonder how it affects the acoustics.

And thus ends my posts on the Belgium trip. It was a great chance to "get away" and renew ourselves for the upcoming Spring semester. Sorry if the waffle photo tempts against your Lenten resolve! That is not my intention.

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Nate said...

Now we're talkin! Love the waffle info and this place looks fantastic.

Thanks for the great photos of Belgium-- looks like you all had a great time and took in some beautiful sights! Hopefully you're well-rested for the coming academic onslaught!